Property Tax Consultants – All In A Days Work

Sitting in a large appraisal district waiting room is something property tax consultants are very familiar with.  That is where I find myself today.  The day began earlier than normal, catching the first flight from Dallas to Houston.  I hurry to get my rental car only to sit in rush hour traffic making my way north on I45.  I arrive at the Appraisal District and check in at 8:15am for my scheduled 8:45am hearing.  The wait begins.  I review my file and mentally prepare for the impending hearing.  Time passes and I realize the hours of planning and preparation from earlier this week have paid off, I am ready.  Now after 9:00am I listen for my name as multiple people are called in for hearings.  I check emails on my phone trying to remain patient.  Finally, 9:45am my name is called and I am escorted back through a labyrinth of hallways to the board room.

The property I am representing is very complex.  It is part of a government program providing low income housing that restricts who can rent and for how much.  I am also making the argument that the appraisal district has classified the property incorrectly.  To further complicate things this hearing is for the 2012 valuation and here we are two years later.  The appraiser representing the district has to make a call to the supervisor for guidance.  After making my closing argument the Appraisal Review Board closes the hearing and begin deliberating among themselves.  This is the longest five minutes of the day.  Will they rule in favor of the appraisal district, the property owner, or somewhere in-between?

The hearing was a success! 

The boards decision set the value slightly over my requested number resulting in tax savings of over $95,000.  The early flight, rush hour traffic and the busy waiting room were now distant memories.  This property hearing is a perfect example of when an owner should seek out the help of experienced property tax consultants. The property is very complex and requires a level of expertise that can only be found in a property tax consultant.  The owner may understand the complexity of the property but it is the knowledge of how the appraisal district values these properties, what arguments can be made against the valuation and how to effectively communicate all of this to the Appraisal Review Board.

Property tax consultants help owners/clients reduce the amount of time they have to spend worrying about property taxes.  Property tax consultants minimize the owner’s time requirement and the expense of traveling to an Appraisal Review Board hearing.  Considering the travel time, the wait time and the hearing itself, an entire day can be spent on one property hearing.  This does not include the amount of time required to gather information and prepare for each hearing. Property Tax Advocates uses proprietary strategies and our wealth of experience to deliver both traditional and innovative solutions to our clients that are specifically tailored to achieve their property tax objectives and improve their bottom line.  We do so by limiting the number of accounts our property tax consultants are responsible for.  This helps achieve the results our clients have grown to expect.    

Our property tax consultants work to build a long lasting relationship with each client and are always available to respond to any question or concern that may arise.  If you are looking for an experienced property tax consultants please contact us today!

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