Property Tax Protest – Reasons and Causes

Property Tax Advocates believes the right to protest your property tax is the single most important right you have as a taxpayer. If you feel you are being treated unfairly by any Appraisal District you must file a protest to have your issue heard. Although there are numerous other reasons in which to protest your property taxes these are the most common:

VALUE TOO HIGH – This could be based on something as simple as incorrect information on the appraisal district records, such as lot size, building size, etc. It could also be due to situations that the appraisal district is unaware of, such as structural defects or tenant issues. This is the most common type of protest and is most likely the result of the appraisal district simply being too aggressive and believing your property is worth more than it really is. Property Tax Advocates will determine the true fair market value by analyzing local sales and the income of your property to determine if your property value is in fact too high.

EQUAL & UNIFORM – The Texas Constitution gives property owners the right to equal and uniform taxation. If your property is appraised at 100% of market value and other like properties are appraised at 90% of market value, then you have a right to protest your value based on equal and uniform. If your competition down the street is paying less in property taxes on a similar building you are at a distinct disadvantage. For this type of appeal Property Tax Advocates typically finds a moderate sample size of similar properties in the same general area. The properties are then properly adjusted to your property based on size, age, location, rents, occupancy and other market conditions. These adjustments will help us establish an equal and uniform value for your property.

DENIAL OF AN EXEMPTION – Specific requirements are required for receiving an exemption. If you have met the requirements and are denied an exemption, you may file a protest and request a hearing before the Appraisal Review Board. To receive an exemption, a person must apply for the exemption with the district in which the property is located. Be aware some exemptions do require annual applications. Property Tax Advocates can help with all of your exemption needs.

DENIAL OF AGRICULTURE EXEMPTION – Agricultural exemption laws have specific requirements involving ownership and land use including previous use. These exemptions require proof of specific agriculture use through various receipts and on-site inspections. If your property meets these requirements and you have been denied, you should file a protest. Agricultural appraisals must be applied for annually in order to reduce your tax liability. Contact Property Tax Advocates for agricultural exemption questions as they can differentiate by your appraisal districts.

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