The Power of Persuasion/Persistence

In performing an analysis of warehouse values in a specific area in Texas, the Vice President of Property Tax Advocates discovered a property that she strongly felt was over valued.  When she approached the owners of the property with her findings, she was disappointed when they declined to accept her company’s services informing her that their staff of attorneys had reviewed the value during the normal appeal period and concluded that it was fairly valued.

Rather than give up on something she felt so strongly about, she prepared additional analyses and once again attempted to convince the owners that their attorneys’ conclusion may have been incorrect.  She explained the procedure of filing a late appeal in Texas and requested the chance to do so emphasizing that they had nothing to lose since the fee for representation would be based solely on any savings negotiated.

Fortunately, the owners consented to her proposal because she proceeded to negotiate a two-year value reduction from $20,000,000 to $15,000,000.

Total savings  of $319,028.

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